Best Laundry Service In Johor Bahru

1. The Laundry Place

One of the liveliest and colorful laundry in Johor Bahru. The Laundry Place (TLP) was establish in 1 September 2013. They expanded from initially one outlet to currently three outlets within less than a year in the business.

The Laundry Place

2. Eastee Laundry

Eastee Laundry

A very clean and well lit laundry that will drive away all those doubts. They also offers pickup and delivery service. Their staff are quite friendly too.

3. Dobi&CO.


Where do we begin? Artsy, colorful and straight out of a dream. Dobi&Co is a gorgeous laundry that demands attention. When it comes to laundry, they have options aplenty.

4. Effary Laundry

Effary Laundry

If you’re looking for some rustic yet lovely laundry, this is it. Their owner is very friendly. They also have an amazing selection of laundry fabric perfume to choose from.

5. Dorby Bayu

Dorby Bayu

Their owner are very down to earth yet friendly. Dorby Bayu located conveniently at Bandar Baru Uda, the rightful art district in town. All your laundry items are safe in their hands.

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